National Food Products - has been around for 56 years, and encourage you to try your hand at making some your own beer wine and cheese, "why?" if i can just go out and buy it. The reason for this is that it tastes a lot better home brewed, as it is naturally fermented and it is far healthier for you -not to mention it is a fraction of the cost.

Beer brewing has only recently become the preserve of large commercial breweries. For hundreds of years, beer has been brewed by women for their menfolk as a domestic activity, and a good "Braufrau" was worth her weight in gold! Beer has basically four ingredients; Malt, Hops, Yeast and Water, and the type and flavour of the beer is dependent upon the origin of the ingredients, and the quantities used. Designing ones own beers is fun, and rewarding in the consumption. Why not try it!

Wine making has been practised for even longer than beer and although it takes a bit longer, was also a family affair. Although wine is essentially the product of fermented grapes, it has been said that; "If it will make good compost, It will make good wine" Whilst this is not absolutely true, a good wine-like beverage may be made from a wide variety of both fruits and vegetables, and next time that the fruit on your tree all ripens at the same time, instead of dumping it, why not try making some wine!

Cheese making is still today practised in the home in many parts of Europe. Like beer and wine, it is also essentially a fermented product, except that the raw material is milk. By varying both time and temperature, and with the addition of further cultures, a wide variety of cheeses, both soft and hard, including blue and brie types may be made from both pasteurised and fresh milk.

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